Client Security 10.0

Client Security 11

Client Security Premium

Protection Service  for Business (PSB)

Works without a management console

Automatic version updates from F-Secure

Deep Guard 5 detection technology

Software Updater

Windows 8 Support

Browsing Protection and  Web Traffic Scanning

Device Control

Support for Microsoft NAP

Email Scanning for Malicious Files

Spam Control

Ensure adequate security with F-Secure 
Protection Service for Business
The support for the 9-series of F-Secure Client Security and Anti-Virus for Workstations is ending in February 2014
  • F-Secure Client Security end-of-life is 06.02.2014
  • F-Secure Anti-Virus for Workstations end-of-life is 15.02.2014
After these dates, F-Secure cannot guarantee the functionality of the product series. The usage of 9-series products after end-of-life date might lead to a security risk in your company.

To ensure adequate protection, it is vital for you to upgrade to the latest product versions. Please note that the latest versions of Client Security require installation of Policy Manager management tool on your server.

For small companies with limited IT resources as well as for companies that do not have the possibility to take the management tool into use, we recommend an upgrade to F-Secure Protection Service for Business (PSB).

Protection Service for Business offers comprehensive protection for multi-device IT environments. This hosted, turn-key solution is the top of its class in terms of security, coupled with advanced value-added features such as Software Updater.

The table below describes the feature differences between Client Security and Protection Service for Business. Your trained reseller and business partner will answer your questions about upgrading Client Security to the latest product version, or help you get started with F-Secure Protection Service for Business (PSB). You can also contact your local F-Secure Sales Team.